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Voice of the People 10/26/22

Oct 26, 2022

Vote Riewestahl for Sheriff

As a former Eau Claire County Board supervisor, I served on and chaired the county’s Judiciary and Law Committee for many years. That experience afforded me the opportunity to meet and work with many individuals within the Sheriff’s Office — from the patrol and detective divisions to the jail and administrative staff.

I know both of the individuals running for Eau Claire County Sheriff. Both are fine, hard-working gentlemen. However, in my estimation, one does rise above the other for this important position — Dave Riewestahl. First and foremost, Dave has had supervisory and leadership experience as a patrol sergeant and jail lieutenant; and now, as jail captain and administrator. In addition, Dave always showed a willingness to listen to all perspectives and ideas on some very complex issues facing the department. This quality will bode well with developing collaborations with community citizens and businesses in solving any problems or concerns.

In short, administrative experience, supervisory skills, plus the professional manner in which he approaches issues, are the qualities best suited for the position of sheriff. I encourage all of you to vote for Riewestahl for sheriff of Eau Claire County.

As sort of “post script” — it is refreshing that the campaigning for this position has been very positive and cordial.

Sue Miller

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