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Empower Eau Claire - Voting Starts 4/26/22

BUILDING on the voting effort that the Eau Claire County Jail has put into the "regular voting process & dates" we have added this opportunity for those incarcerated inside the jail. The Project Ballot has already been made available for review. Voting inside the jail will start on April 26.

Earlier this year those incarcerated inside the Eau Claire County Jail also had the opportunity to participate in the "Eau Claire County Strategic Planning Community Survey - 2022."

Both of these opportunities were able to become a reality because of the medium in which the process happens (online) AND the technology available to those incarcerated. While we can't force anyone to vote, the opportunity is there for those incarcerated to engage with their community in a way that has never been done before.

The City of Eau Claire is the first city in Wisconsin to have Participatory Budgeting and I'm proud to say that the Eau Claire County Jail is the first JAIL in Wisconsin to offer Participatory Budgeting voting opportunities.

More information: Participatory Budgeting | City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin (

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