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Jail Population

One of the largest issues facing our community is the growing jail population.

The responsibility of the Sheriff is to plan for and provide information and available trends to the County Administrator and County Board for decision making purposes. The consistent increase in jail population has been steady for many, many years. Aside from a global pandemic there has been no significant/long term decrease in the jail population.

I do not support the idea of simply adding more space for the sole purpose of incarcerating more people. This type of thought process does not solve a jail population problem, does not address the root problem, does not serve a community, and would require infinite jail expansion. My goal is NOT to house as many people as possible.

Below are a few blog posts on this topic:

- Question: Is the jail population controllable?

- Recent Jail Population - Highlights

MY GOAL: to create a more successful and sustainable release plan, thereby decreasing the jail population in the long run.

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